Mayor Rahm Emanuel

I thought I’d share some political photos for a change. Here are some behind-the-scene moments with Mayor Emanuel in Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Holi Festival

The Holi Festival is a wonderful Springtime ritual that has been getting increasingly popular in the ‘burbs over the past few years. It has its roots in the Hindu communities, and I won’t begin to explain the details of the meaning behind it. If you’d like a little background info, please go visit the internet sometime soon. All you really need to know is that thousands of people run around and throw colored powder at each other. It’s crazy wonderful blast of colored mess, and it’s a ball to photograph.
Naperville Holi Festival

People of all ages attend. I saw 5 year olds and grandmothers having an equally good time. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone. People run up to complete strangers and plaster them with a handful of powder.
I think next year I’ll go back with more cameras and an assistant or two, because I’d like to get some video and slo-mo. There is just too much going on to capture it all.
The air really is thick with color, as you can see in the photo below. You shouldn’t wear or bring anything to this event that you aren’t comfortable getting rid of.
If you’re thinking “Yes, Jeffrey, this looks like fun. But how did your cameras survive?” Well, I had to wrap them up pretty securely with this expensive shopping bag and duct tape rig you see below. You need to be very familiar with the buttons on your camera when it’s in this sort of situation.Holi_5

Cool Bean

I was photographing an event a few months ago at the Chicago Cultural Center, when I took a moment to enjoy the scenery. There weren’t many people out walking, due to the early morning hours and cold weather. It was a room I’ve never been in before at the Cultural Center, and I loved the view of Cloud Gate (The Bean).Cloud Gate, Millennium Park Chicago

It’s Good To Be Back!

This is my first blog post in WAY too long. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my website, and the blog was one area that really needed some help. I want to thank Melissa Phillips for her help with the website, and Zak Kates for his help with the blog. Hopefully things will be running along smoothly now, and I can share with you all the interesting things I’ve been doing over the past few months. The below photo is from Naperville North High School’s Fashion Show. I picked it as a test image to make sure this new blog setup is going to work.

Naperville North Fashion Show