Sand Dunes

I had the pleasure of working with model Stephanie Anne in New Mexico. She insisted that she knew the perfect desert location west of Albuquerque. Her directions took me out past a detention center, and over numerous roads that I’m sure my little rental car was not built to handle. Naperville Photographer After nearly getting stuck in the sand we decided to hike the rest of the way. As we reached the top of one of he dunes, the sky opened up just enough the let the late afternoon sun shine through, while the foreboding clouds hung on in the distance. It was one of those wonderful moments when everything falls into place. IMG_3999_PGversion_sm Of course it helped that Stephanie Anne was brilliant! She is a yoga instructor and seemed to know the exact poses that worked with the blowing wind. Oh, did I forget to mention the sand-blasting we received? The wind was great for the photos, but I ended up with sand in everything, including some of the gear. New Mexico Model