Naperville Chamber

It’s been over a decade now that I’ve been involved with the Naperville Chamber of Commerce. I’ve made so many great friends and important business contacts over the years. It really has been a great experience, and an important part of why my business has been successful. You can see my photography on the cover of the latest Membership Directory, and throughout it’s 100+ pages.
Naperville Chamber PhotographyNaperville Chamber Directory And I’m also happy to say that you can see some of my scenic photographs of Naperville on the Chamber’s new website. All of the main sections have different banners like the ones you see below. Of course these images are just screen-grabs that don’t really take you anywhere. If you’d like to see the Chamber’s new website for yourself, just click here.

Naperville Chamber PhotographyNaperville Chamber PhotographyNaperville Chamber Photography


The world of medicine and hospitals has kept me busy the past few months. Fortunately I’ve been in the role of “photographer” and not “patient”. Aside from these advertising and marketing images, I’ve been working on some special projects that are more closely focused on just one subject. I’ll share those as soon as I can.
Hospital PhotographyHospital PhotographyHospital PhotographyHospital PhotographyHospital Photography Occasionally I have to put on this outfit to photograph in the surgical areas. I know- I look awesome.