NCTV Interview

Here’s an interview I did recently with local channel NCTV about my business and involvement with the Naperville Chamber of Commerce.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil is a big, beastly city of concrete. With a population of 11 million people, it often feels both overwhelming and unending. I used to live in Sao Paulo around 15 years ago. Most things haven’t changed- the people are still wonderful, the food is amazing, and the traffic is ridiculously awful at times. This is a partial view of the city from the top of Pico do Jaraguá, the tallest peak in Sao Paulo.Sao Paulo, Brazil
There are a few fun things to do in Sao Paulo. But the city is mainly functional- it was designed for work and business. One new addition since I left is the beautiful Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge. It is the only bridge in the world that has one giant concrete mast supporting two curved roads. IMG_7963_sm Like any big city, there are various housing options; from humble favelas to high-end condos.Street in Sao Paulo BrazilPink House in Sao Paulo, BrazilSao Paulo, Brazil I enjoyed seeing Sao Paulo again after so many years. I was reminded of food and drinks that I used to have daily, and I got the chance to visit a few of my old hangouts, including the large park Ibirapuera. It feels like a green oasis in an otherwise concrete desert. I used to take my children here when they were little. I remember how they would play around this large, ancient tree. And yes, everything you see here belongs to one tree. Jeffrey Ross, Sao Paulo