Surfs Up!

Now that I’m not traveling as much, this awful northern winter is really getting to me. I’m finding myself looking back at photos from the beach and happily thinking of warm weather. I actually do have quite an archive of surfing photography that I should share one day. Here are a few images that I recently ran across. They were all taken near the Cocoa Beach Pier using my 100-400 Canon lens.
sm_IMG_0376_editCocoa Beach SurfingCocoa Beach Surfer, FloridaCocoa Beach Surfer, Florida


Bogota, Colombia is sitting close enough to the equator that the weather is almost the same every day of the year. But that doesn’t mean that it gets steamy & hot here. Because of it’s location up in the mountains, the high temp is usually around 68 degrees. And man, can it rain. On the day I arrived the streets were so flooded that I had trouble getting to my hotel.

But this certainly isn’t the “bad news” Bogota of years past. I saw a sketchy neighborhood or two, but nothing that isn’t found in other big cities around the world. For the most part the people were great and I felt safe wondering around the city center. travel-blogger-columbiatravel-photography-columbia-6396 On my last day there the clouds finally parted. Fortunately that was also the day that I made it up to the top of Monserrate, the mountain that looms over one side of the city. It was a Sunday and the road to the top was crowded with endless waves of pilgrims that make a weekly trek to the old church that sits at the peak. travel-photography-bogota-church Being a life-long flatlander, I was already having problems dealing with the altitude, so I was glad to see that there were tram and cable-car options to get where I needed to go. The view from the top is worth the effort, no matter how you get there. And if you want to journey up Monserrate during the week, you’ll only find a handful of other visitors. travel-blog-columbia-6557

Fortune Magazine

Catherine and I worked on photographs for Zurich Insurance to accompany an article for Fortune Magazine. Zurich is working on a new building for their corporate offices. Fortune Magazine photographyzurich-office-photography-6359 The article talks about how they are moving away from traditional desks and cubicles, and instead are designing different types of areas suited to how their employees function best. There will be places for people that like to work standing up, spots for people that like to work in groups, and other spots for informal meetings. And yes, that is Catherine sitting in as a fake employee for a fake meeting. These things happen sometimes. If you don’t tell anyone, we won’t either. Fortune Magazine photography