Little Hats, Big Hearts

medical-marketing-companies-9920 Last month the American Heart Association had a program called “Little Hats, Big Hearts.” The goal was to raise awareness of heart disease and congenital heart defects. At many hospitals teams of volunteers worked for months to knit red hats for every baby born in February. We were asked to photograph some of the newborns and families at one of the Chicago area hospitals. These photos were used in social media and medical marketing. Now that the campaign is over, we’re happy to share them with you too! medical-marketing-companies-8013 medical-photography-chicago-0368 medical-photography-chicago-7817 medical-photography-chicago-0319

I Will Not Photograph Your Wedding

sm1_IMG_7084 No, I won’t photograph your wedding. I simply can’t do it. I’m not that guy. I know that most people think there are three sources of income for photographers: family portraits, high school seniors, and weddings. sm2_MG_0492 I don’t do any of those. And of the three, weddings are the one that I spend the most time avoiding. In fact, I didn’t have a photographer at my own wedding. So you’re probably wondering what’s up with these wedding photos! Well, I’ve discovered that while the ceremony, the reception, and the endless day-long series of once-in-a-lifetime moments drive me crazy, I actually quite enjoy photographing the elaborate setup that goes in to them. Several of my clients hold weddings at their locations. They need photographs of the more spectacular arrangements at their facilities in order to market to engaged couples. sm3_layout I’ve done work for Hotel Arista, Morton Arboretum, and a few others. It’s perfect for me; I capture the gorgeous room and the unique little details. Then, shortly after the actual ceremony starts, I hit the road. sm4_IMG_5516 Wedding photography seems to go one of two ways; either it’s something you really enjoy doing and you work your way towards shooting bigger weddings in exotic locations with adorable hipster couples. Or it’s something you do when you’re first starting out to pick up some extra money and buy a few new pieces of gear. sm5_MG_0377 I definitely fall in the latter category. I’m good at it, but it’s nothing I would ever enjoy doing. I certainly did my fair share of them at the beginning of my career. But I’m glad I moved on to where I’m at now. sm6_IMG_5740

New Website

I’m excited to announce that we’re growing. If you’ve been following this blog (or even checking in occasionally) you’re used to seeing my photography projects. But the person that puts it all together and creates all of our marketing pieces is my wife Catherine. She’s been a graphic designer in the corporate world for years now. But we’ve recently started a new partnership; Ross Creative Works.

You can see the new website here-


In addition to commercial photography, we offer marketing, branding, and graphic design services. This website will always be here, but the new site will showcase an expanded selection of photography as well as some recent marketing and advertising projects that we’ve been working on. We are looking forward to this next chapter in working together!