The gondolas and canals of Venice, ItalyItaly is one of the few countries in Europe that has somehow managed to elude me (I’ll get you one day, Greece!) So I was excited to hear that Venice was going to be a part of my travel plans. Venice-Italy-2 And let me tell you, this city does not disappoint. It’s everything you want it to be. If you do end up going to Venice, do yourself a favor: put the map down for a bit and get lost in the endless twisting alleyways. There really is something new around every corner. Luckily I had just enough free time on this trip to do some exploring. I have no idea how anyone tackled this city in the good ol’ days before Google Maps could instantly point you in the right direction. Venice-Italy-3 Girl taking a selfie in Venice, ItalyBeing a popular tourist spot, it does get crowded, but it was never overwhelming. My only complaint is that Venice is suffering from the same scourge as many other destinations- selfie sticks. The same vendors that stand on the sidewalk selling cheap sunglasses and knockoff purses are now also pushing selfie sticks. This girl was doing it the old fashioned way… but she was one of the few. Canals and colorful buildings of Venice Later, as we were scouting locations, I did get to see some of the more popular highlights. We even hired a boat and driver that took us to the nearby colorful island of Burano where we stopped for a snack of raw shrimp and squid. Overall- it’s a great spot and I hope to get back here again one day when I have more time to explore. Venice Italy at sunset If this is a place you are looking to visit, and you have an interest in photography, I think you should check out Jeff Curto’s Italy Photography workshots. Jeff is a very well respected instructor, and his workshops are always a big hit. I know a few people that have done it over the years. They are sold out for this year, but start making plans for next summer –

Take & Talk Pics Podcast

podcast (1) I was interviewed recently for the Take & Talk Pics Podcast hosted by Rob Krueger. It was a 37 minute interview and we covered a wide range of topics including the challenges of running a business in the creative arts field. I do like telling stories, but hopefully I didn’t ramble too much! Please give it a listen if you have the time.

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Chamber Directory

Once again you’ll find that this year’s Naperville Chamber of Commerce Directory features a little over 60 pages of my photography. Ross_DIR1 But what’s different about the book this year is the really nice article about Catherine and me on page 33. It’s an interesting twist, since I’ve always been the person photographing everyone else for the directory. But occasionally it is nice to have the opportunity to step out from behind the scenes (and from behind the camera.) The piece talks about our history, some of the business hurdles we’ve faced, and why we started Ross Creative Works. Ross_DIR2 And who is in the book with us this year? Why, it’s good friends of ours- Rosemary Breske-Garvey from Blooming Color and Cathy Subber from Advanced Health of Naperville. They are both on the page opposite ours. Rosemarie and Cathy are great leaders in our community and are involved in many different organizations. I think we’re all good examples of the success that’s come out of the Young Professionals crew over the years. Ross_DIR3