Shomyoji temple Japan offered up a number of surprises. While at the peaceful Shomyoji temple in Yokohama we heard distant shouts and cheers, slowly growing louder. We discovered there was a festival marching down the street towards us. Groups of children carried miniature shrines while singing and chanting songs. I still have no idea what it was about, but I enjoyed it all the same. Shomyoji temple I also got to visit Sasuke Inari Shrine, which is quite nicely hidden at the end of a rather steep road in Kamakura. I could have spend the whole day here photographing every little detail. Sasuke Inari ShrineSasuke Inari ShrineShomyoji temple And yes, the food was amazing, even this little local spot in Tokyo, buried deep under the elevated tracks. It was dirty, dingy, and delicious. Just to give you an idea of how tucked away this place is, the picture below is on the street, taken at high noon. Tokyo, Japan