Santo Domingo

Yes, of course there are other things to photograph in the Dominican Republic besides baseball! I especially enjoyed the Colonial Zone or Ciudad Colonial in Santo Domingo. The shopping options do lean on the “touristy” side, but you can still have fun looking around. There are numerous cultural places to explore, including the ruins of the Hospital of San Nicolás de Bari. Construction began in 1503, making it the first hospital built in the Americas.Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Catherine and I spent a few days hanging out on the beach in Boca Chica. The sunsets were wonderful, and we enjoyed some of the tasty local cuisine. Fish that is cooked “Boca Chica Style” is a deep-fried plate of awesomeness. This isn’t a secluded spot with all-inclusive resorts. Boca-Chica is full of noise and activity. If you enjoy people-watching, and trying fresh coconuts that people are selling on the beach, this is the place for you. Sunset in Boca Chica, Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic One of my favorite locations was the ruins of Monasterio de San Francisco. There are some occasional Sunday afternoon cultural events and concerts here, but you will often find that the gate is locked when you show up on a random weekday. However, if you are persistent, and have 5 bucks or so to tip the person watching the gate, there is a good chance you can get inside. This was the first monastery built in the Americas, started in 1508. I visited here on two separate days and came away with some amazing images. Ruins of Monasterio de San Francisco, Santo Domingo, Dominican R

Baseball Crazy

Dominican Republic BaseballI learned on a recent trip that few places in the world are as nuts about baseball as the Dominican Republic. The subject comes up often in conversation (even with the guy delivering room service.) Only later did I realize that I should have looked up to see exactly which Dominican players are on the Chicago teams, because everyone wanted to discuss it. Dominican Republic BaseballDominican-baseball-3 Every neighborhood has a baseball field or two, some in better shape than others. These photos are from an area on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. Apparently some of the older boys were already being scouted by major league teams. Dominican Republic Baseball I was told that around one forth of all the players on minor league US teams are from the Dominican Republic. I probably should have gotten an autograph or two in case I was photographing a future Albert Pujols. For now, it was more than enough to watch them enjoying a simple game of Saturday afternoon baseball. Dominican Republic Baseball Dominican-baseball-6

Upcoming Speaking Engagement

Catherine and I will be speaking at the 16th Annual Self Employment In The Arts conference coming up on Feb 26th & 27th at the Lisle Hilton. The conference is mainly for people just starting out in the creative arts. There will be musicians, painters, actors, writers, etc. Of course we’ll be focusing on photography and graphic design, but that’s only a part of it. We will also talk about what it’s like to run a business, have a plan in place, and work together as a team. SEA-ad Many people starting out a career in a creative area have the necessary skills to be a talented artist, but they fail when they attempt to make a living at it. We try our best to help others understand how to turn their passions into reality. The journey isn’t easy, and it means you will have to learn a few things about sales and marketing. But it’s so rewarding when you finally have a successful business and still enjoy what you do.

The SEA Conference is a great place to learn from your peers and network with people in other disciplines that might be experiencing some of the same challenges you are. If you are a student, recent graduate, or are just starting out a new business, please look into attending. We hope to see you there! Learn more about the Self Employment in the Arts Conference here:

Bar Association

A photo composite I did for the DuPage County Bar Association magazine “DCBA Brief” DCBA-Brief-feb-Cover-2015.indd The original title of the lead article was “Rivers Of Spending”, which is why the Chicago river was replaced with money. But after the cover was approved, the story title changed. Meh, what can you do? I still think it’s an interesting image.