Candy Store

While I’m usually sharing some of our bigger projects and assignments, sometimes we’re happy when we can help out a smaller business that we really believe in. Many people in our town know that Naper Nuts and Sweets is a great family owned candy store, and one of the more popular businesses in town. But the store also supports the men & women of the armed services that are stationed overseas. They have sent tons of their caramel popcorn to troops all around the world. Naperville Candy Store We worked with Naper Nuts & Sweets to produce some new images for a Naperville-themed popcorn bucket that will be available at the new Hotel Indigo. Naperville Candy Store We also created new images for web usage and social media, including their popular holiday gift baskets that can be ordered online. Naperville Candy Store I have quite a sweet-tooth and I’m sure the amount of candy I’ve purchased from here over the years could fill up a truck. It was nice to finally work with them on a fun project. IMG_1266