Hannah is a dancer. We’ve worked with her mother, Christine, on numerous photoshoot over the years. Christine is a talented makeup artist and former model. During our downtime and on breaks she would tell us about her daughter the ballerina. Ballet-photography-1 We trekked out to Lake Michigan in Indiana for a couple of shoots. One day turned out to be ridiculously windy, which kept us out of the water. But whenever faced with adversity we try to use it to our advantage. Hannah jumped over the waves while the crazy winds whipped her hair in every direction. We also found other ways to take some nice portraits on the beach. Ballet Dance photographyBallet Dance photographyteen model on the beach On another trip the lake was perfectly still, and we were able to accomplish some lovely sunset images. Ballet Dance photography Once the weather cooled down we tried a session in the studio. Ballet Dance photography I’m sure we’ll be taking more over the next year. Hannah is set to graduate high school early so she can start doing ballet professionally in Chicago. We wish her the best of luck on her dance career! Ballet Dance photography