Dunkin Donuts & Special Olympics

DD_CopOnARooftop_sm I’m happy that once again I get to work with Special Olympics and Dunkin’ Donuts. The Maclyn Group put together the marketing pieces and in-store displays for the Cop On A Rooftop events. I took the photos that you see of athlete Erin and Westmont Deputy Chief Brian Gruen. IMG_6121_SM We shoot these on location in an actual Dunkin’ Donuts. Videographer Joe Mastrino is capturing footage of them at the same time, and we need the real background of the store. It was a little tight this time around, and we discovered upon arriving that the tables were all bolted down and couldn’t be moved. But we worked around those issues. The Dunkin’ staff was very helpful, and the editing team at Maclyn did a great job putting it all together.