Candy Store

While I’m usually sharing some of our bigger projects and assignments, sometimes we’re happy when we can help out a smaller business that we really believe in. Many people in our town know that Naper Nuts and Sweets is a great family owned candy store, and one of the more popular businesses in town. But the store also supports the men & women of the armed services that are stationed overseas. They have sent tons of their caramel popcorn to troops all around the world. Naperville Candy Store We worked with Naper Nuts & Sweets to produce some new images for a Naperville-themed popcorn bucket that will be available at the new Hotel Indigo. Naperville Candy Store We also created new images for web usage and social media, including their popular holiday gift baskets that can be ordered online. Naperville Candy Store I have quite a sweet-tooth and I’m sure the amount of candy I’ve purchased from here over the years could fill up a truck. It was nice to finally work with them on a fun project. IMG_1266

Summer of Farms – Part 2

This massive farm project is finally coming to an end. I had a great time, and met so many interesting people. The farm families were all very open and kind. I should have started a blog on all the amazing meals I’ve eaten in the tiny little towns from Arkansas to the Dakotas. I still have quite a bit of editing to do. My Canon cameras (especially the 5D MarkIII) have gotten a pretty serious workout, and are probably overdue for a cleaning after being in dusty grain bins and wheat harvesters. My total shot count for this project will be a little over 17,000. Obviously, I can’t share all of those images. But here are some I’ve been working on recently. I hope you enjoy them- Farm photographyFarm photographyFarm photographyFarm photography - farm dog in soybeansFarm photography - farmer walking on grain silo This lady was pretty amazing. She’s a great grandmother in North Dakota, and she’s been driving the family’s combine since the mid 50′s. She even rattled off every model she’s ever driven. In order to get this shot I had to wedge myself down in the corner of the cab. It was difficult keeps my knees and long legs out of the shot while using my wide 17-40mm lens. Photography sometimes requires some contortionist abilities. Farm photography- woman driving combine

Summer of Farms – Part 1

I am about one third of my way through a lengthy and logistically complicated farm assignment for one of my clients. I’ve been taking rental cars and small planes across America, seeing seven states so far. There have been soy beans in my shoes, mud on my pants, and winter wheat dust on my new camera. This entire project is going to be quite an adventure. I know it’s impossible to share every beautiful encounter I have at each farm, but I will try to post some images as I go along. 3Q1A3551_tm Winter Wheat3Q1A3385_tm3Q1A2913_tm3Q1A2796
This last image is of a strange round house that is being lost to the fields of Kansas. It was abandoned years ago, but still doesn’t look like it’s in terrible shape. 3Q1A3275_tm

Little Friends

Little Friends is a wonderful organization that helps children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. They have schools, training programs, and vocational services. But their website was looking a bit dated, and it didn’t help to tell their story. Little Friends, Naperville Working with Jay Paonessa and Kevin McMaster from Maclyn Group, I took photographs for a couple of days at many of the various facilities and centers that Little Friend’s operates. Lucky for me, my son Taylor was home from college for spring break when this project happened. He assisted me and helped carry gear and move lights. LittleFriends_BW Maclyn has now put together a new website for Little Friends, which does a much better job in getting their message across. If you’d like to learn more about this great organization and how you can help, please click HERE




Naperville teen modelSummertime doesn’t just mean warm weather and longer days. It means we can get outside and enjoy some fun photography fun too! This is Mikayla, a local Naperville girl that did a great job modeling a few pieces of vintage clothing and props from Catherine’s collection. We’re lining up a few more photoshoots over the next few weeks with different people. Stay tuned! Naperville teen model

The Floating Tree

No matter how far I travel, and after all the things I’ve seen, I still have encounters that take my breath away. Floating Tree This tree is not a Photoshop trick, or digital wizardry. It’s a surreal scene that I ran across in the woods while working on another project.

Cop On A Rooftop

DD-Cop-on-the-RooftopDunkin’ Donuts is teaming up with Special Olympics Illinois again this year for their popular “Cop On A Rooftop” fundraiser. I had the pleasure of working with the Maclyn Group to do the photography to help promote the event. IMG_9806 That’s Officer Dan, one of the rooftop participants, along with his friend and Special Olympics athlete Jack. The event is on May 20, 2016 and takes place in hundreds of locations around Illinois. Try to support the one in your town.

College of DuPage Distinguished Alumnus

It’s not often that I get a chance to be “distinguished” in any way. But on May 3rd I was honored by the College of DuPage Photography Program with their Distinguished Alumnus Award. I am thrilled that they though of me, especially considering how many other great photographers have gone through the program. award-3 This annual photography showcase has turned into a popular event- the room was completely packed. I spoke for a few minutes about the journey I’d taken to get to where I am now, along with a slidshow of images from my projects and travels over the years. I’d like to thank Terry Vitacco, Glenn Hansen, Frank Jackowiak, and the rest of the COD Photo Dept staff for doing such a great job preparing students for working in the creative arts. It’s not always an easy life, but it’s endlessly rewarding. award-1 The advanced photography students were there to show off their portfolios and marketing material. I enjoyed talking to them, and seeing a few familiar faces that I’ve met at different events over the past few years. IMG_9126_sm I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work that I saw on display by the high school students. Some of the imagery being produced by the area schools was simply astounding. I can’t wait to see what some of them are working on a few years down the road. IMG_9121_sm

Chamber Membership Directory 2016

ChamberCover2016_sm I enjoy working on the Naperville Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory because it constantly challenges me to try something new. Every year I have to find a unique way to photograph people and locations that I might have already photographed dozens of times for previous publications. For this year’s cover I found myself on the roof of a parking garage, hanging over the edge in an attempt to get a nice sunset shot with the Carillon bell tower in the background. It had to be the perfect time of day so that car headlights were on, but the sun hadn’t disappeared behind the horizon yet. ChamberDir2016_sm Every time I think we’ve used up all of the good ideas I manage to come up with another one. I’m sure next year’s will have something to do with the new Water Street project. You can find the Membership Directory all over Naperville. And it’s available at the Chamber offices too.

Community First Medical

community-first-medical-Matt_small Community First Medical Center in Chicago is a newly rebranded hospital that was in desperate need of improving their online presence. Working in conjunction with Culloton Strategies, Catherine created a consistent brand guide and designed each page of their new website. community-first-medical-Header_small All the photography was done by Jeffrey (and styled by Catherine) over a four day shoot schedule. Soon we’ll be adding some video elements and doctor interviews that we captured, using the talents of editor Matt Rice. community-first-medical-story-small Hair and makeup for the staff and patients was done by Christine Stahl. And a big thank you to Andrew Touhy and Steve Hamilton at Culloton for being so great to work with through this whole redesign project. To browse the new Community First website, please click here- Community First Medical Center