Hello, I’m Jeffrey. I am a commercial photographer, and I’m fortunate to get to travel the world extensively for various projects and assignments. I specialize in corporate and advertising photography. But I approach personal narrative projects with the same enthusiasm I have for commercial work. Whether it’s the years I spent documenting farm life and agricultural subjects, or the work I did to capture the end of the Space Shuttle program, I’ve enjoyed the people I met and the adventures that came along with it. 

I’ve always felt that it’s important to get involved! So, I am on the board of the Chicago chapter of NAMA (National Agri-Marketing Association), and also the board of the Self Employment in the Arts organization. I often speak to college students and freelancers who are starting out in the creative arts fields, helping them make their passion a reality. 

I love to travel, visit with friends, and enjoy the sunny Florida beaches where I grew up. When I’m looking for a little recreation and inspiration, I usually turn to my ever-growing record collection, and my eclectic assortment of vintage magazines from around the world.